Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Hide Your Last Name On Facebook? OR How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook

How You Can Hide Your Surname On Facebook? OR Steps To Make Single Title Account On Facebook - Facebook regrettably requires all customers to incorporate an initial and surname for his or her profile. There's no requirement however on making use of your real names. However facebook customers can hide their middle title and surname/surname. Hiding surname, you are able to effectively hide your identity on Facebook. This only requires a couple of minutes to setup in your Facebook account configurations. Prof:- my this acc

In the following paragraphs I will share trick to cover surname on Facebook.

Step One: First goto Opera --> Options --> Advanced --> Network --> Configurations --> Connection Configurations --> And select manual proxy configuration.

Step Two: Now Tick begin :)) " Make Use Of This Proxy Servers For Those Methods ".

Put this proxy and port

HTTP Proxy:

Port: 8080

Step Three: Put on No Proxy for Box.

Step Four: Now goto Account Configurations, Remove Middle Title and Surname. Then Save!

Step Five: Congratulation !! You Probably Did It, Now Your Surname Is Finished.

Important Note:- First of all Open your facebook account configurations then change proxy because sometime after altering proxy their might be some  error in logging account.

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